Little Winks was started after Anna McMillan, our founding coach, became passionate about sleep.

She and her husband Zach personally experienced the challenge every new parent faces… how to navigate the elusive mystery of baby sleep.

Anna had been in the non-profit industry for 8 years when they had the opportunity to become involved in respite foster care after seeing the ongoing exhaustion of her friend who was fostering a very lively wee boy. This wee boy filled up their weekends with adventures and laughter and they quickly fell in love. However, due to a variety of circumstances, naps or any form of restful sleep were a struggle for him. As a result, those weekend left Anna and Zach exhausted. In her determination to find a way to help, Anna began her journey of learning about the importance of sleep.

In May 2017 Anna became pregnant. She celebrated by going on a pre-baby get away with a friend and her friend’s 11 month old. Once again, the days were wonderful, but the nights were a struggle… every hour or so, the little one would wake up crying for mama to settle her once more. Unfortunately there was only one room for all to share! After two nights away in the same room, for her friend’s sanity, Anna begged her friend to get a sleep consultant. Thankfully, her friend took up the challenge, and did the ‘Sleep Sense’ program with great success. Their little one is still sleeping sweetly at night!

A few months after, in February 2018 Anna and Zach welcomed their own baby girl into the world. As they struggled through the hazy days of sleep deprivation and the lack of proper day time naps with an extremely alert newborn, Anna remembered the success their friends had. Before long, Anna was reading, researching, and trying to learn everything there was to know about how to get their baby to sleep. Soon she was teaching her little one how she too could fall asleep on her own. It was a success! Anna, Zach, AND their baby are now all able to sleep through the night. To this day she sleeps soundly, putting herself to sleep, and sleeping through the night with quality daytime naps.

Throughout all of this Anna’s passion just kept growing. All of her research into how to teach a little one to sleep, paired with her own personal experience in helping families thrive, prompted Anna to pursue professional training and begin Little Winks.

Our goal at Little Winks is to equip families to thrive, using tools such as Sleep paths, Sleep Sense, the Stoplight Approach and a network of information and education for their families. We use a holistic approach to your family with authenticity and care to achieve success.

Anna has seen the transformative power of a personalized sleep path and is excited to join your family, wherever you are on your journey.