Ask Me Anything


Looking for a straight answer on how to get your little one to sleep? We’ve got them!

Not ready for a Sleep Package? For a limited time we are offering an ‘Ask Me Anything’ 40-Minute Call. During this call you can ask as many questions as you like during our time and we will give you the solution, the how-to, to fix the issue.

Too good to be true? Well just in last 6 months we have helped over 85 families teach their little one to sleep independently through the night. That’s a lot of families and a lot of different situations, we know a thing or two about get your little one to sleep.

Take a look at the difference between our Free 15-Minute Call, the Ask Me Anything call, and our Sleep Packages.




  • 15-Minute call

  • Tell us what’s going on and we can tell you how we can help.


Ask Me Anything

49.99cad +Tax

  • Extensive Questionnaire

  • 40-Minute call with a Sleep Coach

  • Ask anything; unlimited questions

  • Get the How To answers you are looking for.

  • If your little one sleeps well during the night, but is struggling with nap time, this package is for you.

  • Not sure if your little one is ready for a Sleep Package? If after your call and you decide to go with a Sleep Plan you will receive $30 off of any package.

  • Limited offer, ends July 30th

  • Call must be completed by August 15th, 2019.

  • No cancellations.


Sleep Package

starting at 345.99cad +Tax

Package Includes

  • Extensive Questionnaire

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • One-Hour Coaching Session

    • Sleeping Area Evaluation

    • In-Depth Sleep Education

    • Customized Sleep Plan In Detail

  • Phone Calls (x2)

  • Unlimited E-mail Contact

  • Unlimited Voxer Voice Message Support

  • Sleep Log With Feedback

  • Twos Weeks of Support - you bet ya!! Your child will be sleeping through the night in two weeks, woah now!!!

    Yup, that's right, we have a very intentional two weeks together where as long as you follow what we ask you to do, then your little one will be sleeping!

Choose a time that works for you!

Our little one was 11 weeks, sleeping in 3-hour chunks at night with 45-minute naps during the day...During our first night with Anna, our baby slept in 8-hour chunks and by night four was sleeping 11 hours in a row!!
— Sarah Toth