Do you really have to come to my house!

Let’s be honest, when you have someone coming to stay, you often clean up a little more than when the delivery guy comes with your pizza. I am by no means the perfect housewife… I do not cook all the meals, I do not do all the cleaning, I do not do all the washing, and although my fantastic hubby does help with all those things - we have made a choice not to panic when we have people over. I nearly caused a fight when I became “too clean” before our maternity photo session was happening in our home. From then on, we knew we had to be honest about what family life looks like in our home.

But you see, that is exactly it… home. You have brought your little one home - to your space, and to be honest, they take up a lot of space for such a little person! We have all had to get use to it when things as they adjust around the home, and while everyone is getting their feet back on the ground. For a short while it will be extra chaotic.

So, long story short - no I do not need to come to your home to help your little one sleep, BUT if face-to-face and a helping hand is what you need, I’ll be there with no judgement. No judgement if we need to wash a cup to get you water, no judgement if babies room has diapers here, there and everywhere. My passion is that real families would call us at their time of need. Not feeling as though they need to be perfect to receive help.

We offer help in two ways, either we come and meet face-to-face, or we meet virtually where ever you are in the world! For someone like me, I enjoy meeting people face-to-face, however, I also appreciate it when I can access help online when I need it!

I find a big misconception around Sleep Consultants is that we need to come into your home the WHOLE night! Yes, if that’s what you need then we are there! However, most people need to meet with me in day light hours, when they can think and we can provide a sleep path that really makes sense for you and your little one. We are not going to pull you into spending more money on more time that you don’t need. Our goal is for your family to thrive, and that means educating parents and caregivers. I hope that every client comes away from our time together, not panicking if I saw their loads of laundry, but rather feeling encouraged, educated, equipped and supported.

So what does it look like if we come to your home for the night, if that is what you need? I will join you just before bed time routine and we talk through what the night will look like. I will help you as you put little one down to sleep, and any wake ups during the night. Along the way I will be providing encouragement, tips and tricks to help. In the morning before I go, we will complete your morning routine. Often this can be just as important as this signals to baby “it’s wake up time!”.

And what if you know that a virtual consultation is what you need? I will meet with you online at a time that works for you when you can concentrate and think clearly about what you need. This call will be after your Free 20-minute consultation call, and after you have filled out our questionnaire. On our call, I will equip you with knowledge, know how, and a sleep path customised for your little one.

All our sleep paths have excellent follow up, the support doesn’t end at the end of the call or visit. Along with unlimited email contact, I will call you on days 1, 3, 6 and 14. We will tweak your path and strategies as you implement them, ensuring they are effective for your little one. As well as this, we will ask you to fill out an optional sleep log. This helps us help you, following how things are going. On days 5, 10 and 14 we will send you through a progress report so you can see how everything is tracking. Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture when you are focusing on the details. All the way through we will be here for your little one’s sleeping success!

I remember standing in my husbands tool shed with him, the baby monitor, and a cup of tea, because I couldn’t handle it any more… didn’t want to hear her cry so much, didn’t want to rock her to sleep again. It was in that moment that I knew I could find a way to teach my little one to sleep independently. It didn’t mean she didn’t need to get fed during the night, but that she could then put herself back to sleep quietly and by herself.

Here at Little Winks, I am here to make parenting a fantastic experience, with sleep being a point of joy not dread. When you have your “tool shed” moment, we are here for you, to help you teach your little one to sleep sweetly.

Anna McMillan