A resolution you need and can keep!

New Years Resolutions! They’re brilliant, and sometimes they work but often they don’t because they’re not realistic. Mine often are around being more organized with my house and exercising… and let’s be honest they’re not super serious… maybe they’ll last for a few weeks. But hear me out … this is why getting your child to sleep is THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOLUTION!

1. Parent’s can’t parent if they can’t adult.

And adults can’t adult without sleep. We all turn into two year olds in giant bodies! It is seriously hard to parent well when you haven’t had enough sleep, your ability to be patient, teach and guide them all diminishes. Sure there are hard days but its just a series of ok, bad and worse, rather than great, good and the very occasional bad. When we don’t have enough sleep we often use phrases like “I want to be like…” or “I used to be like…” to describe how this is effecting up.

I want to ask yourself seriously, have a ugly honest moment with yourself – how is a lack of sleep affecting me as a parent and as a person?

If you answer that question honestly, you will realise you need sleep to cope – it’s not that you’re not an amazing parent, it isn’t that you’re weak – it’s that you’re human – it’s as basic necessity to life!

2. Your child requires you to get up to get them back to sleep.

“Oh that cute little whimper” you thought when you bought baby home… now that whimper sends shivers down your spine because its 3am and you just want to sleep and be done! But the whispering voice in your mind tells you that “if you don’t get him back to sleep you’re screwed” keeps nagging and you get up.
Some parents are totally happy with feeding, rocking, swinging, rubbing the back of their child to sleep in the beginning. It is very cute to begin with, however, this is what your child now understands it needs to go to sleep.

It is called a sleep association and in their mind “mom + feeding = sleep”. (Insert what ever your child needs to get to sleep.) However, this doesn’t need to be the case, we can help your child learn that she can go to sleep independently and still feel loved and attached. We need to re-frame how they see the journey to sleep.

3. This new year’s resolution is not forever but lasts forever!
Huh you say? That’s right, unlike your new year’s personal trainer appointments at 5am… we work with our families for 2 weeks and then by that point we have your family on a good rhythm, and new habits are being solidified. Although we may want to be BFF’s by the end of the two weeks, my goal is that you are fully secure in your new process as a family, with the bulk of the work behind you.

I won’t lie to you, when we teach babies to sleep consistency is the key and it can be tough to begin with but the pay off is MASSIVE! We haven’t met a baby yet who hasn’t made amazing progress!
Knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel makes the process so much easier, and it is wonderful knowing that at the end of it you’ll get what you crave most – SLEEP!

When we teach children to sleep we are give them a life long skill! This is a tool they use and need everyday! So bite the bullet and deal with the problem not the Band-Aid.

Ugly honest question time again … how much longer can I go without asking for help and this changing?

It is okay to ask for help and now is the perfect time because you’ve got those wonderful accountability partners – the lady in the supermarket, the man at the bank, every last darn stranger, asking what your new year’s resolution is!

It is time for you to be able to adult to be able to parent. It is time for your child to learn like a child to sleep like a baby. And it is time to do this once and do it well!

Anna McMillan