How to Get Baby Back to a Regular Sleep Routine After Vacation

So you’ve had an amazing get away, camping, Disney, family, whatever it may be… It’s time to come home and the reality of getting everyone back on track is less than appealing.

There’s something so freeing about being on holiday that we relax our routines, go with the flow a bit more and embrace the spontaneous more than usual.

When we come home it’s time to get things into a good rhythm for everyone so then you’re able to return to the groove that makes your home run like a well-oiled machine.

I know it can be daunting so here’s some tips for coming home from vacay that will help your baby, toddler or little one get back into the groove without bedtime fights!

1. The day you get back let naps be what they’re going to be as long as they’re finishing a minimum awake time before bed. Example: if your child has a 2.5hour awake time usually with a 7pm bedtime, then you would let naps be what they’re going to be until 4:30pm. Then when bedtime comes, go back to your usual bedtime.

2. If you have time change involved, allow a couple days to be wonky so they can get back, this may mean some early mornings or some hunger at unexpected times.

3. Wake them up when you expect the day to start, it is hard for them to know when wake up time is when they’re super tired and their body clock is off. So wake them up when you want the day to start.

4. The day after start getting consistent about your usual routine, be detailed and consistent about their usual bedtime routines. This isn’t the time to miss the book because you’re exhausted or not worry about the sleep sack because you’re rushed. Take a breather and take your time, this is how your child understands bedtime and so they need time to receive that communication.

5. Keep the first 3 days chill . . . we are tempted to get home and catch up on everything, packing the days full of appointments and events that we don’t want to miss out on. But have vacay round two – staycation! This gives you all time to get back into the routine, consistency is the key and to pay off any sleep debt that got happening during your trip.

Remember that your little one may not be able to run at the pace you can when you get back so give them time, be patient and if you’ve picked up any bad habits while away – this is the time to nip them in the bud!