Little Sleeper


Approximately 395.99 +tax

Is your little one 4 – 18 months old? and still in their crib. We aim to provide custom care that sets you up for success. Are you are looking for experienced care and attention to support your families needs?

Wondering if this is the right package for you? We offer a free 15 minute call to speak to one of our certified sleep consultants, who can help answer any questions you have.

Package Includes:

Extensive Questionnaire, you know your child best, help us get to know them! This will help us form the best sleep plan for your little one, ensuring that they have the care they need.

  • Customized Sleep Plan, each child and family is different, with unique needs and preferences. Our Certified Sleep Coaches sit down with the information you have provided about your little one to carefully write a customized sleep plan that it designed for just them.

    *This plan includes everything you will need to know to teach your child fantastic sleep skills - without confusing them!

  • One-Hour Coaching Session, including;

    • Sleeping Area Evaluation - we will guide you through how to set-up a safe and nurturing sleep space for your little one, offer insightful tips that will help set the stage to so your child can sleep well while loving their crib/bed.

    • In-Depth Sleep Education - it is hard to do something without know WHY! We believe that by educating parents on how important sleep is for their child’s development that they are able to carry on with successful sleep as their child grows.

      We will teach you everything you need to know about the body, sleep, and how they all come together!

    • Customized Sleep Plan In Detail - we cover your plan from beginning to end and make sure you have no questions left when you're done. There are contingencies included and we talk through the "what if" scenarios too!

      You'll come away with a PDF version so you can confidently teach your child with our support.

  • Phone Calls (x2), after night one you will have a call with your coach and be able to talk through everything that happened and ask any questions that may have arisen.

    We also have a follow up call at the beginning of week two so that you are prepared as we head into the next phase of consolidating your child's sleep.

    These calls allow us to trouble shoot anything we haven't talked about through Voxer voice messaging support and Email!

  • Unlimited E-mail Contact - we all have questions that pop-up later on once you've had time to think on things, email us as much as you need to and we will be able to answer them.

  • Unlimited Voxer Voice Message Support - what parent has time to always type out long elaborate questions, concerns or ideas?

    So instead we have an app where you can either text or voice message your coach! This allows us to have more clear and frequent conversations.

  • Sleep Log With Feedback - wonder how we figure out what's going on with your little ones sleep? We track it!

    You will be provided with an online sleep log where you will record your child's sleep so we are able to see trends, successes, issues or predict what is going to happen!

    This helps us see clearly what's happening and allows you to have the freedom to focus on the process rather than getting confused as to what happened when!

  • Twos Weeks of Support - you bet ya!! Your child will be sleeping through the night in two weeks, woah now!!!

    TWO WEEKS! Yup, that's right, we have a very intentional two weeks together where as long as you follow what we ask you to do, then your little one will be sleeping!

...we flew through the dreaded 4 months sleep son is hitting major milestones early and is all-around a happy baby because he is getting the sleep he needs...
— Mama Sarah + Baby M.

Need Bedtime Support?

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Do you desire hands on assistance and support while implementing your customized sleep plan?

From the beginning of the bedtime routine, for three hours, we can come be with you in your home, giving you the support you need. We will be right there with you to encourage, educate, and equip you as you lead your little one through the changes and teach them how to sleep independently.

This is the perfect add-on for any age, please note this is only available to Fraser Valley, BC, clients.


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