At Little Winks, we believe that Daycare and Early Learning providers can work harmoniously with families to achieve the best balance for their child. By ensuring your centre is on the right page when it comes to naps, you are equipping your students to thrive and setting up families for night time success.

Because we believe that this can be a beautiful partnership between families and centres, we provide our Early Learning Package! This allows both the centre and the families to be on the same page when it comes to the children’s sleep needs.

Early Learning Packages include:

  • 1-hour observation of nap time at your centre, observing how your centre runs when it comes to nap times and how the children respond.

  • A follow up phone call to go over our recommendations for your centre.

  • A full written recommendations document, giving our recommendations for improvements and changes to enhance sleep.

  • A 30-minute presentation with 30 minute Q & A for your staff and parents to attend. This is available both in person or online. This allows both parties to hear about how sleep functions, affects children and how they can work harmoniously with their centre.

For more information, or to book your Early Learning Package, contact us here:

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