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Meet ANnA

Owner/Certified Sleep Coach

It’s been said that you’ll never know what true exhaustion feels until you become a parent. When Anna McMillan's daughter was born, she learned that truth quickly. Figuring out how to get her baby to sleep - so that SHE could get to sleep soon became Annas #1 prority. Realizing that other families were also struggling, Anna trained to become a is a Certified Paediatric Sleep Coach, and started her company, Little Winks Sleep.

Now Anna’s family wakes up well rested and everyday she helps others do the same. Coming from a non-profit background, understanding and walking the journey with her clients is her focus.

Anna uses a parent-present gentle approach and is excited to walk with you through your little one’s sleeping journey to teach your babies and toddlers to sleep soundly.


Meet LIz

Certified Sleep Coach

Hello! My name is Liz Bine and I am a Certified Sleep Coach. When my children were smaller, we struggled with sleep within our own family. Using the Sleep Sense principles, our children learned to nap well and have long, rejuvenating and restorative night time sleep.

Our family has been a part of the Air Force for the past 12 years and we have recently settled outside of Atlanta, Georgia (hey y'all~). As a Sleep Coach, I am looking forward to serving my new community as well as families from far away!

My goal in working with your family is to create a personalized Sleep Path that teaches you how to help your children gain the skills necessary to sleep independently. We will work together to find the method best suited for YOUR child and YOUR family.




Hello families! My name is Sara Tutt, I am the mother of a beautiful daughter, and I am currently training to become a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. We all know the benefits of a well-rested child; however, helping our little ones to develop positive sleep habits isn’t always straightforward and can come at the detriment to the other family members’ sleep routines. For that reason, my passion and goal is to work with your family, once I have completed my certification, to create customized strategies to help solve your little one’s sleep woes and foster a healthy environment for them to grow and learn.

Every family has a unique story and mine begins in Newfoundland, and after travelling extensively, I met my husband in Calgary, and we continued our adventure together as residents of Langley for the past ten years. Here, in 2017, we brought our daughter into this world. We are a busy family, but take our spare time to go camping, swimming, and visiting every playground in the Lower Mainland.