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Owner/Certified Sleep Coach

It’s been said that you’ll never know what true exhaustion feels like until you become a parent. When my daughter was born, I learned that truth very quickly!

Figuring out how to get my baby to sleep - so that I could sleep became my #1 priority.

Through the process of teaching my wee girl to sleep and talking with other parents, I realized that my family wasn’t the only one up at night.

In October 2018 I did my certification and became a Certified Paediatric Sleep Coach, and started Little Winks Sleep.

I am so thankful to wake up each day well rested, and knowing we have helped over a 100 other families do the same!

- Anna McMillan Langley, BC, Canada


Certified Sleep Coach

When my children were younger, our family struggled with sleep.

Thankfully we discovered Sleep Sense. Using the principles, we were able to teach our children to nap well and successfully sleep through the night!

Our family has been a part of the Air Force for the past 12 years and we have recently settled outside of Atlanta, Georgia (hey y'all~).

As a Sleep Coach, I am looking forward to serving my new community as well as families from far away (thank you internet)!

My desire is to equip you with the resources and tools you need to teach your little one the skills necessary to sleep independently through the night!

- Liz Bine Atlanta, Georgia, USA



As a busy family, waking up 3-4 times a night wasn’t ideal, but it became part of our reality before teaching our daughter to sleep.

I knew there were so many benefits of uninterrupted sleep for both our daughter and us, but it wasn't straightforward and came at the detriment of our own sleep routines.

However, being able to help our little one develop positive sleep habits was so rewarding. Now we enjoy bedtime as a family and getting time for us and, This Is Us!

For that reason, my goal is to give you the support you need as a family, because we all know what it’s like to be exhausted.

- Sara Tutt Aldergrove, BC, Canada


I know the feeling of pure exhaustion all too well. After having my first son in 2017 and then second in 2018, I became pretty desperate to find a solution to help our family sleep.

Bedtime used to be a two hour affair followed by multiple wake ups throughout the night.

When I found Little Winks Sleep and, being amazed by the results, I knew I needed to help other families find the same relief that I had found.

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my husband, Andrew, who is a Stay At Home Dad to our two boys, Clark and Merrick, who now both sleep beautifully!

The boys go on all kinds of adventures and occasionally they let me join in on the fun!

- Bonnie Norwood Little Rock, Arkansas, USA