$39.99 +tax

$39.99 +tax


Is your little one due soon? Are you nervous about how your new addition will affect your nights?

At Little Winks we value little ones getting fantastic sleep from the beginning.

We offer a Prenatal Class taught by our certified Paediatric Sleep Consultants where they will equip expecting parents with strategies to cope with lack of sleep, the sleep requirements of a newborn, and how to transition into healthy sleep patterns from the beginning.

This is a one-and-half hour interactive class offered online for your convince, here is what is included:

  • 1.5hour class with Certified Paediatric Sleep Coach.

  • Interactive Q&A time where you will receive answers to your questions.

  • We will be covering key topics such as:

    • How to extend your baby's nights sleep

    • When to expect them to sleep independently and through the night

    • How to encourage healthy naps

    • Positive habits to begin and unhealthy habits to avoid

    • How to troubleshoot when your baby is irritable

    • How to set your baby up for success in the future.

  • A copy of Your First Steps To Helping Your Little One Sleep Guide PDF.

Space is limited, please register for our next class.