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$27.99 Travel Guide

Traveling can be complicated and confusing enough at the best of time, adding a little one or two into the mix can make it even more overwhelming. This guide will lead you through how to prepare, pack, not only survive but thrive through your trip and then even gives you guidance on how to come home peacefully.

This is your ticket to smooth sleep while you travel, whether it be to Grandma’s, Spain or Disneyland! We cover everything you need to know including S.O.S tips!

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Free awake times chart by age

This Awake Times Chart gives you a good understanding when your child needs more awake time. Suddenly you might notice things aren’t going as smooth as they once where, and it may be a clue that it is time to lengthen awake times.

Here are some things to watch for:

  • You don’t see their sleep cues around nap time like you use to.

  • Early morning wake ups.

  • Naps have become shorter.

Want a watermark free Awake Times Chart with instructions on how to use it?


whole - a podcast for the modern women

I had a great time chasing with Shanelle Kunz host of the Whole podcast.

A few things we discuss in this episode:

  1. Little ones need to be able to fall asleep on their own to successfully sleep.

  2. Prevent Overtiredness and the downward spiral.

  3. Sleep has a rollover effect for the next 24hours.

  4. Use routines to provide safety.

  5. Practice naps in new environments.

And lots more!