Little Winks Sleep Paths

At Little Winks we believe in looking at a holistic approach to your little one’s sleep, from their sleeping environment to how they are comforted, always preserving the attachment to the primary caregivers, while equipping the little one to learn to fall asleep independently.

Based on the Sleep Sense approach to leading your little one to sleep, we use a balanced approach which is customized to each child. Every little one has challenges and triumphs; we are here to work through, resolve, and celebrate each milestone with you and your family.

At Little Winks, we prioritize sleep in a child’s life as it helps with learning, concentration, behavioural issues, and development. We also encourage and coach our families to keep their homes in a emotional state in which children are able to be calm, think clearly, and feel safe to fall asleep. In doing this, we also teach our parents how to de-escalate their little ones when they are in a flight or fight response state.

Because we value each family’s hard work to build bonds, continuity, love, and support, we customize each sleep path to your little one and family. It is best to contact us for a specific quote for your situation as prices may vary. To ensure you have the best support available, we offer a opening 20 minute consultation, free of charge.

We offer our virtual package internationally, house calls applicable only within the Fraser Valley, B.C. area.


Little Beginner

Pre-natal to Newborn


Little Sleeper

4 - 18 Months


Little Mover

18 Months + Beyond


Little Duo

Twins or Families With Multiples